‘Sleep tight’ playlist

Every each of us has days of falling asleep quite hardly sometimes. The effects of the Moon, the upside down Mercury or we just need to sort our thoughts out and think more positively and be more calm. The music has the power to change your emotion, your mood, and your energy level. Obviously notContinue reading “‘Sleep tight’ playlist”

Fashion trends of 2020

The new year is here, so it comes with a new fashion trends. Disco collar, rose prints or polka dots? Yass to all of our favourites. Hope you’ll take the inspiration 🙂 Disco collar Polka dots Bermuda shorts Crochet A colourful leather Rose print Rope belts Tangerine

Fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2019

Beige Beige on beige and you’re done. No messing around with color combinations unless you fancy throwing in a bit of pastel which will also win you fashion brownie points for Spring Summer 2019.The world has been full of clashing prints and screaming neon and there should be something soft, earthy, neutral that whisper maturity,Continue reading “Fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2019”