The 6 minute miracle of your morning

Everyone is busy in the morning. So am I. Rushing straight from bed to the bathroom, quick coffee and if lucky, you get the breakfast and off you go. But just imagine, how these first 6 minutes could change your whole perspectife of your life.

  • Minute One

Imagine yourself waking up peacefully with a big yawn and a smile on your face. Simply change your hectic, stressed and overwhelmed morning to minute of sitting quietly, in purposeful silence.
Sit very calm, and breathe deeply, slowly. If you would like, you can pray. Pray for whatever makes you calm. Pray for guidance on your journey or just the health of yours. Maybe you decide to try your first minute of meditation. Simply calm your mind, relax your body and allow the stress to leave your body.

  • Minute Two

Your affirmations. Affirmations, which reminds you of your unlimited potential and your most important priorities. And you read them. Because you focus on what’s important to you, the internal level of yours will increase. To get the confidence you need, just read the reminders of how capable you really are. Reading your goals, your purpose, will re-energize you to take the actions neccessary to live the life you truly want, deserve, and now know is possible for you.

  • Minute Three

Close your eyes and visualize your vision board. It’s about imagination of how your goal will look and feel like when you reach it. Your day goes perfectly, you’re enjoying your work, laughing with your family and friends and easily accomplishing all that you intend to accomplish for that day.

  • Minute Four

Take this minute to write down the things you are grateful for, what you are proud of, and the results you are committed to creating for that day. By doing this, you simply create empowered, inspired, and confident state of mind.

  • Minute Five

Get your self-help book. If you don’t have one, then get one ASAP. So, during the minute five, read a page or two. Learn something new, something you can incorporate into your day and your relationshiop and work will get better.

  • Minute Six

The last minute of your self-care you stand up and get your heart racing. Do jumping-jacks, push-ups or sit-ups. You generate energy and increase your ability to be alert and focused.

Now, if you exuce me. I am going to work on my goals 🙂

See you later 🙂

Domka xo

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