‘Sleep tight’ playlist

Every each of us has days of falling asleep quite hardly sometimes. The effects of the Moon, the upside down Mercury or we just need to sort our thoughts out and think more positively and be more calm. The music has the power to change your emotion, your mood, and your energy level. Obviously not all music is created equaly when it comes to choosing melodies that can soothe you and make you feel relaxed. That’s why I’ve created the playlist wisely for you. We, women know or at least trying to pretend that we know, that sleep is the best medicine for slow your age down, improve elasticity of your skin and just keep the mind sharp.

I have created the ‘Sleep tight playlist’ that will help slow your heart rate and your breathing, allowing your mind to follow suit.

Just listen the playlist on Spotify, and let me know in the comments here or on Instagram which playlist would you like me to create next 🙂



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