The life changing beauty hacks

Why not have an easier life with the beauty hacks? The beauty hacka will safe your money, time and actual product you wanted to buy. Well have a look below on some for a better skin and life 😊

With love Domka xoxo 

Did you think about changing your pillowcase regulary? No? Well, now is the time. Sleep on one side of the pillow each night then change after each sleep. Your skin will be grateful in terms of less break outs 😊 

2.) Do you struggle with brushing your hair after having a shower? Brush them with the wet brush in the shower. It will evenly spread the conditioner and remove knots and tangles. The result will be hair with more body.  

Have you tried a conditioner instead of shaving cream? Well, I did and it´s life changing. It save your money for another product and it gives a smooth shave and adds hydration.

Wipe your prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and mobile phone with alcohol. DAILY! This will help to kill any bacteria so your skin will have less breakouts.

If you´re not in a mood to use mascara or brow products, then you should try a multitasking salve. It gives eyebrows and eyelashes a glistening effect and you´re ready to go.

For those who´re like me, coming home with eyeliner all over my eyes, try to dip your eyeliner brush into waterproof mascara and draw a line directly onto your upper lash line.
Let me know how it works for you 🙂

For the extra bushy brow effect, apply brow gel from the tail inward first, the reapply from inner eye to tail. Your brows will appear with more volume and thickness.

Try a baby powder instead of dry shampoo. The baby powder will do the trick. To absorb the excess oils, just let it sit for a few minutes, then rub it around to get rid of the white chalkiness.

The coconut oil is a hack of hacks. It will remove all traces of makeup, even on sensitive skin. But if you have a bit problematic or oily skin, I suggest following with an actual cleanse after.

To eliminate the fine lines and plump your lips, try to use eye cream around your mouth. If you´ll keep forgetting, set yourself a reminder on your phone 🙂

You´re in a rush and did not use the tan oil the day before? Simply mix foundation (one to two shades darker than your skin tone) with a liquid illuminizer and lotion and spread it all over your body. Before you put your clothes on, just wait a beat because the foundation will transfer.

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