Make-up tips for 2019

The year of a pig has already started so it’s time to start talking about the beauty trends. The upcoming year will be similar to the year 2019. Shimmer and glow will be the leaders. Sadly we have to say goodbye to the all-matte era. I’ve gathered intel from some of the most sacred beauty spaces around the internet for you and I am happy to say that 2019 will be the shimmeriest year yet.

Shimmery Eye Shadows

shimmery eye shadow domkakorcok

Shimmery eyeshadows will lead through the whole year of 2019. We can thank makeup artists all over the world and youtube bloggers who are creating tutorials about using shimmery eyeshadows. Prepare yourself, pop into the drugstore and grab some of them if not all of them 🙂 If you haven’t bought any, then you should try Urban Decay Born To Run which has everything your heart desire. 

Dumpling Skin

Forget about heavy foundations or baking your skin. The glass skin is the key of the year 2019. So get yourself some lightweight foundations (try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation) and concealers, creamy dewy products and most importantly, wet-looking, dumpling-effect highlighters.

Tones of Jewel

As I mentioned before, this year is all about the shimmer. Jewel tones will reign supreme, so prepare for deep, lush variations of your favorite pastel hues.

Matte Skin

With dumpling skin comes hand in hand the matte finish. It’s not only about complete matt finish because it’s somewhere in between dewy and matte. So girls (me included) with oily skin will be mind blown. Just pair glowy primers with soft matte foundations or applying a sheer layer of color to let your natural skin peek through.

Acrylic Nails 

Long nails are coming back! You can spot them on celebrities, backstage at shows and on the fingers of beauty editors. The acrylic invasion will lead through 2019.


You can’t forget about your lips. This year will be glamorous in every way. Expect to see glossy, shiny, metallic lips. So get some too if you don’t want to miss any trend 🙂

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